• Interactive Digital Touch Tables
  • Outdoor Weather proof Kiosk
  • Transparent LCD Displays
  • High Brightness LCD Displays


7"-65" FHD LCD Screen 1080P

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Easy Digital Signage

Digital Signage Tablet PC

Network Digital Signage

2.4" Digital Tag

2.4" Mini Kiosk

Digital Signage Standalone

  • 7" Digital Signage
  • 8" Digital Signage
  • 10.4" Digital Signage
  • 17" Digital Signage
  • 19" Digital Signage (MS Pro)
  • 12" Digital Signage Standalone
  • 17" Digital Signage (MS)
  • 17″ Digital Signage Standalone


  • 8″ LCD TV

Open Frame TFT

LCD Control Boards

Sunlight Readable LCD


Wide Temprature LCD


  • 32-inch LED TV
  • 42-inch LED TV

Open Frame Video Card

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Touch Screen TFT

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  • 7″ Touch TFT Monitor​

Touch Screen Open Frame

Video Brochure Card

  • 2.4" – 7" Video Brochure Card

70” Transparent Show Box

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  • 32" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
  • 46" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
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  • 70" 1080P High-Definition Outdoor Signage

ROD & Cable Digital Advertisng System

Anti-Shock and Vibration Design Display 

Great Sun Tech Corp               

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  • Interactive Digital Touch Tables
  • Outdoor Weather proof Kiosk
  • Transparent LCD Displays
  • High Brightness LCD Displays


  • Every design is possible and can be made to your wishes.




  • Memory for your videos can be expanded from 128MB to 8 GB

2.4″ – 7″ Video Brochure Card


  • GSTC-SUNGROUP has more than 30 years experience (established in 1987).
  • We provide full service and a 1 year warranty.


  • Video's can be played during 2 hrs when repeatedly opening the brochure.
  • The battery can be recharged via the USB connector

This is the newest series of SUN-SG824 2.4 to 10 inch TFT LCD Screen Video Brochure Card, Video Greeting Card. The paper cover can be customized. You can store your own video. It is very suitable for company gifts for advertising.

Key features: It’s traditional greeting card, but there is screen inside, in one word: paper greeting card + LCD screen + USB port.  Paper can be printed with advertising words and images. LCD screen can allow for pre-recording of up to 2 hours of video and text that can be invaluable for your new campaign Video greeting card can be recharged by USB port, because there is battery built-in.

Application:used in a variety of holiday gifts, Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s Day, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and so on. Mini advertising machine. Memory: maximum support 4GB (optional) Built-in lithium battery (through a common Mini 5 Ping USB cable and convenient charging.)  Built-in speaker.  Open the card automatically play different styles in different styles customized video ad (video customers), closed to stop playing.

2.4″ – 10″  Video greeting card 


When open the brochure and the video will play automatically!  •Auto On / Off design, open the brochure and the video plays automatically.  •Possible to have multiple videos to play, switch between different videos using the buttons.

Ideal to reinforce your message, for corporate events, brand promotion and launch of new products.  •Available in different sizes LCD Displays (eg 2.4 up to 7inch).   There are many different designs and lay-out possibilities. Please contact us for further information.

Customized design for Graphic greeting cards is available (European Designer) We will be happy to work with your designers and printers or we can offer our in-house design (European Design).

 We can supply the video modules only Screen: 1.8″, 2.4″ , 3.5″, 4.3″, 5″, 7″.​


  • You can have 0 to 10 video selection buttons 
  • You can have sound buttons (up + / down -)

The video brochure consists of:

  • LCD sceen
  • media player
  • battery
  • memory
  • speakers
  • USB connector

And all packaged in a size A7, A6, A5, A4 or other cover of your choice.


  • To complete your video brochure with a luxury gift box or safe shipping box 

LCD screen : You have a choice of the following LCD Screen sizes

  • 2,4" LCD (4:3 )=4,88 X 3,66cm
  • 2,8" LCD (4:3 ) = 5,69 X 4,27 cm
  • 4.3" LCD (format 16:9 ) = 9,52 X 5,35 cm
  • 5” LCD (format 16:9) = 11.0 x 6.3 cm
  • 7" LCD (format 16:9 ) = 15,50 X 8,72 cm
  • 10.1 LCD (format 16:9 ) = 22,36 X 12,58 cm