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  • Interactive Digital Touch Tables
  • Outdoor Weather proof Kiosk
  • Transparent LCD Displays
  • High Brightness LCD Displays

42 Inch Android Digital Signage

42 Inch Network Android Digital Signage42 Inch Network Android Digital Signage

15.6″ Android Wi-Fi Digital Signage Touch Screen

15.6″ Android Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Signage  (Two fingers Touch Screen)

• Centralized server controls content distribution;
• Combined hardware and software solution for fast, reliable delivery of digital signage content and continuous operation;
• Easy WIFI network system installation without the need for extra IT, firewall or security configurations;
• Simple content scheduling and updating for each display;
• Restart and update digital signage players remotely;
• Create and update separate schedules for each display, al owing for targeted ads at each terminal or different locations;
• Deliver rich media including: Multiple video and audio formats, RSS feeds and image slide shows;
• Transfer schedules and contents to one or more displays;
• Control, monitor and design screen layouts remotely by the admin software;
• Support Multi-zone terminal display and flexible screen layout;
• Local review of multi-zone display layout once the content is stored in the server PC;
• Manage daily power on/off time for any display or group of displays;
• Deliver high definition image content;
• Content plays automatically upon set up of schedule;
• Display live news, weather, traffic reports, emergency announcements and many other notices;
• Anytime insert emergent video file;
• Remotely report system utilization and memory usage;
• System automatically notifies administrator of any malfunction;
• Custom-features development service available from our professional software team;
• Daily, monthly display content recording;
• Possible to integrate with the any existing management system.

SUN-SG8156ASW Touch Cloud signage Detail Spec Click here

SUN-SG8420CTI is an interactive digital displayer which is specifically built for retailer to creation attention and increase sales. It provides openness of Android System, easier process in creating contents, rich communication and interactive with customers, can directly link to website, ability to utilize a wide variety of retail applications to promote products, run campaigns and entertain customers.

Users can download applications from the Android Market or use our Digital signage made easy software.

Digital signage made easy.

42 Inch Network Android Digital Signage  Detail Spec Click Here

Digital Signage Tablet PC

  • Interactive Digital Touch Tables
  • Outdoor Weather proof Kiosk
  • Transparent LCD Displays
  • High Brightness LCD Displays


7"-65" FHD LCD Screen 1080P

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Easy Digital Signage

Digital Signage Tablet PC

Network Digital Signage

2.4" Digital Tag

2.4" Mini Kiosk

Digital Signage Standalone

  • 7" Digital Signage
  • 8" Digital Signage
  • 10.4" Digital Signage
  • 17" Digital Signage
  • 19" Digital Signage (MS Pro)
  • 12" Digital Signage Standalone
  • 17" Digital Signage (MS)
  • 17″ Digital Signage Standalone


  • 8″ LCD TV

Open Frame TFT

LCD Control Boards

Sunlight Readable LCD


Wide Temprature LCD


  • 32-inch LED TV
  • 42-inch LED TV

Open Frame Video Card

Optical Touch Screen

Stretched TFT Screen

Touch Screen TFT

  • 15" Touch Screen Monitor
  • 7″ Touch TFT Monitor​

Touch Screen Open Frame

Video Brochure Card

  • 2.4" – 7" Video Brochure Card

70” Transparent Show Box

Outdoor Digital Signage

  • 32" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
  • 46" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
  • 55" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
  • 70" 1080P High-Definition Outdoor Signage

ROD & Cable Digital Advertisng System

Anti-Shock and Vibration Design Display 

Manufacturer and Supplier of Digital Signage ,Visual Displays and Monitors.

10″ Digital Signage Tablet PC (Now Available)

VESA Mount Ready. The unique design includes Bolt-Thru holes for VESA mount standard; make it easier to mount on stands or wall mounts without extra bracket.

Interactivity is quickly becoming one of the top trends in state-of-the-art digital signage. Users find that allowing customers to interact with a screen, whether through touchscreen technology, mobile phone capability or otherwise, increases dwell time and generates more interest in the on-screen content.

Sun Group will introduce 4.3″, 5″,  7″and 10″ an Android-based digital signage tablet PC, features a multi touch screen that allows customers to easily and intuitively interact with the content, The embedded Wi-Fi functionality automatically connects to a Web-based, easy-to-use, Digital Signage remote content management system.

The Interactive Tablet is an Android based 4.3″, 5″,  7” and 10″  interactive digital display which bring you the most advanced way to reach your audience. Whether you’re in education, finance, medicine, retail or any other profession.

The Sun Group Android-based digital signage tablet can be used as a simple standalone digital signage player.

Vesa Mount Tablet PC Detail Spec Click Here