• Interactive Digital Touch Tables
  • Outdoor Weather proof Kiosk
  • Transparent LCD Displays
  • High Brightness LCD Displays


7"-65" FHD LCD Screen 1080P

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Easy Digital Signage

Digital Signage Tablet PC

Network Digital Signage

2.4" Digital Tag

2.4" Mini Kiosk

Digital Signage Standalone

  • 7" Digital Signage
  • 8" Digital Signage
  • 10.4" Digital Signage
  • 17" Digital Signage
  • 19" Digital Signage (MS Pro)
  • 12" Digital Signage Standalone
  • 17" Digital Signage (MS)
  • 17″ Digital Signage Standalone


  • 8″ LCD TV

Open Frame TFT

LCD Control Boards

Sunlight Readable LCD


Wide Temprature LCD


  • 32-inch LED TV
  • 42-inch LED TV

Open Frame Video Card

Optical Touch Screen

Stretched TFT Screen

Touch Screen TFT

  • 15" Touch Screen Monitor
  • 7″ Touch TFT Monitor​

Touch Screen Open Frame

Video Brochure Card

  • 2.4" – 7" Video Brochure Card

70” Transparent Show Box

Outdoor Digital Signage

  • 32" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
  • 46" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
  • 55" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
  • 70" 1080P High-Definition Outdoor Signage

ROD & Cable Digital Advertisng System

Anti-Shock and Vibration Design Display 

SUN Group Company Overview

Sun Group has been a specialist in monitor manufacturing since 1994. In 1998, as part of our efforts to increase productivity and efficiency, we relocated part of our operations to Fushan and Shenzhen in China. These include our production lines for a range of our products. As a result of our growth strategy, our production facilities in China currently stands at 165,600 sqm2 with a monthly capacity of 53,200pcs – further expansion plans are on the way. At the same time, only the production lines for the TFT LCD as well as our full range of LCD TV & 8” up digital signage production lines (5040 sqm2) are based in Taiwan .

Capital us$4.20 millions
Turnover us$33 millions (2017)

Taipei Office: 22
Taiwan Factory:68
China Factory:420 (Including display and heated Carbon Fiber )
Europe office: 3

USA office : 3

Our Products

We have a wide range of products that will be able to meet your requirements. Be it in terms of screen size, quality or price, we will have something for you – Always. Our monitors are characterized by features such as environmental protection, anti-static, low radiation. At the same time, we insist on the “24 Hour Burning Test” for our monitors prior to shipment.
As a result, our monitors’ failure rate is under 0.5%. We have attainted England DNV Ltd.’s ISO-9002 Certification as well as in the process of attaining England DNV Ltd.’s ISO-9001 Certification.

Our Values
1. Continual Investment in Research and Development.
2. Continual Quality Improvement.
3. Continual Innovation and New Designs.
4. Continual Implementation of Cost Reduction Measures.

Business Strategy We are actively seeking to forge partnerships with various clients such as Importers, Distributors as well as OEM customers worldwide. As part of our growth strategy, we have established a Marketing and Communications centre in Europe to better
enable us to cater to the needs of our clients both in terms of sales as well as post-purchase service and support. We aim to eventually establish a worldwide presence in our specialized field. Our experienced sales and engineering team together with our branch office staff are always ready to attend to all your needs by providing the best quality products at the most competitive prices – Anytime, Anywhere.

Company History

1987 Founding of company. Began production and sale of mainboards.
1989 Began production and marketing of VGA cards.
1990 Investment in “ERD & EFGT” factory for mobile phone accessories
1992 Investment in “WIN WAY CO. LTD.” for manufacturing monitor products.
1993 Established special R&D department devoted to development of wireless keyboards.
1994 Great Sun Tech Corp. began manufacturing monitors in Taiwan.
1995 Launched “SUN GROUP” logo to be used for all our monitor products.
Awarded “TAIWAN SYMBOL OF EXCELLENCE WINNER 1995” for special wireless keyboard.
(Certificate No. 00366-96-AQ-LDN-UKAS)for main board, VGA card, sound card and monitor factory for achieving under 0.3% failure rate.
The establishment of Distribution and Service Center in the Netherlands.
1999 Investment in Foshan “WINGBAO” monitor factory for 14″, 15″, 17″ & 19″ monitor production in China.
2001 Investment in Shenzhen “BLUE LIGHT” monitor factory for 14″, 15″, 17″ , 17″ FLAT & 19″ CRT monitor.
2002 Introduced full range of 12″, 15″, 17″ and 18″ LCD TV at Computex 2002 in Taipei.
2003 Launched 20″ 23″ 26″ LCD/TV
2005 Due to growing demand in the TFT-LCD’s and All-In-One LCD PC segment, Sun Group began investment to further expand production facilities. New facility expected to be operational by
Q2 with a production capacity of 200,000 – 250,000 TFT monitors annually.
2005 Introduced new 42″, 50″, 63″ plasma , 46″, 47″ TFT LCD/TV and 17″ All-In-One LCD PC.
2005 Began exploring the possibility of setting up a plant in Europe for assembly of LCD TV, Plasma displays.
2006 Start the new item of 5.6”, 8.0 ~ 8.4” & 10.4” Digital Signage , Also, will have 15”, 17”, 19” & 20” with card reader, USB for advertisement LCD/PC monitor. Read review
2006 Start with 15”, 17”,19” & 20” LCD/TV with Dual TV Tuner (Analog + DVBT TV Tuner) & also with High resolution (1600x 1200) 20” LCD monitor.
2007 Began production and marketing Marine Open Frame Display and high brightness industrial displays
2009 Upgraded most of our Digital Signage with new features such as
1. Auto start when power is turned on, Auto repeat play function.
2. Auto on-off 3 times per day
3. Auto-update content to CF card via USB drive
4. Plays favorite files
5. External motion detector which control audio (optional)
6. External motion detector which control Video/audio (optional)
2010 We Introduced World’s Smallest Wearable Digital Signage Product (Digital Tag) to the market
2011 Established “Duran Gear ” Heated Carbon Fiber Heating Wire technology ( We already own several worldwide patents with several patents pending) began investment to further expand production facilities. New facility expected to be operational by Q2 2011 with a production of different items such as Heated Jacket, Gloves, Boot, etc.. with capacity of 100.000 – 300.000 annually.
2012 We will bring new products in the second half of 2012 with 3M & new industrial material such as Heat Jacket/Hand warmer/ Heat pad/ Cushion/ Heat soft trousers/gloves/inner boot
to satisfy our OEM customers.
2013 We start to set up digital signage with iCloud software to control the display by internet or WiFi system in faraway office.
2014 We declare new 2.4” personal Digital-Tag signage and with whole kind different size 2.8”/4.3”/5”/7”/10” greeting card and middle size floor castle digital signage with or without remote.
2015 Start to supply new idea of walking Vest digital signage and big size 55~70” transparent real goods digital signage
2016 We declare to support outdoor big size (42” ~ 84”) water/heat/dust …proof client’s design digital signage display.And 4K high resolution indoor/outdoor standalone or internet (WiFi) digital signage.
2017 Start to support BUS, Train big size display and IP65 waterproof all kind size indoor/outdoor digital signage and resize Bar Shape digital signage.

Production Line and Process
Our production lines in China are equipped with auto adjustment and assembling monitor machines. We have vast experience in producing monitors as OEM for internationally renowed brands, these include companies such as Wal-Mart, Acer co, Cardio Theater, ASUS, Newegg co. CompUSA, Siemens. CTX, Shamerock, GVC, Bosch, SONY and Legend – China’s biggest computer, SONY, Fuji, …system company. This reflects on the high level of quality that our factories are able to achieve and maintain. We have also passed the ISO-9002 Certification. Both our China and Taiwan factories maintain the same standard of service and quality to ensure consistency in the level of quality and performance of all our products.

The Production Process

(1) Warehouse
This is the first step in the production process. All the components required by the production line are stored in our own warehouse. This ensures control and accountability of all our components

2) PC Board Assembly Line
The next step is the production of the PC Boards, this forms the basis for the monitors. Production is 100% in-house to control and maintain product quality. A combination of manual labor and automation is used to achieve optimal efficiency.

(3) Assembly Line
The third step is the actual assembly. Again this is done 100% in-house to control and maintain our high quality standards. Optimal efficiency is achieved through using both manual labor and automation. It is at this stage where we also implement the “24 Hour Burning Test” before shipment to ensure that our monitors meet the strictest quality standards.

(4) Packing and Loading
This is the final stage of the production cycle. Here, the monitors are packed in either specific cartons (for OEM customers) or our Sun Group cartons before they are loaded and shipped to their final destinations.

(5) Bonded Warehouse in The Netherlands & RMA center in L.A of USA.
Sun Group store large quantities of monitors in bonded warehouse in The Netherlands in order to offer prompt delivery. Nevertheless shipment from our factories in Taiwan/China is possible.

1st Factory address:
Build A, Ke Mu-Lang Industrial Estate, Guangzhou, China
Tel: 86-757-321 9081 Fax: 86-757-321 9082
Key Contact: Mr. J. Liang

2nd Factory address:
No. 103-1, Chiudung, Towu Shiang, Miaoli Taiwan 362, ROC.
Tel : 886-37-253310 Fax: 886-37-252126
Key Contact: Mr. C.K. Lian

3rd Factory address:
No.80,Sec.2,Kwang Fu Road, San chung City, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C
Tel: 886-2-2995-9292 Fax : 886-2-2995 5532
Key Contact: Mr. A. J. Hao


OEM Designs

* For all clients, if required, we are able print their brand name and logo on the front panel of the monitors. * Clients must provide the necessary information.

Company Profile

Great Sun Tech Corp               

Manufacturer and Supplier of Digital Signage ,Visual Displays and Monitors.

  • Interactive Digital Touch Tables
  • Outdoor Weather proof Kiosk
  • Transparent LCD Displays
  • High Brightness LCD Displays