• Interactive Digital Touch Tables
  • Outdoor Weather proof Kiosk
  • Transparent LCD Displays
  • High Brightness LCD Displays


7"-65" FHD LCD Screen 1080P

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Easy Digital Signage

Digital Signage Tablet PC

Network Digital Signage

2.4" Digital Tag

2.4" Mini Kiosk

Digital Signage Standalone

  • 7" Digital Signage
  • 8" Digital Signage
  • 10.4" Digital Signage
  • 17" Digital Signage
  • 19" Digital Signage (MS Pro)
  • 12" Digital Signage Standalone
  • 17" Digital Signage (MS)
  • 17″ Digital Signage Standalone


  • 8″ LCD TV

Open Frame TFT

LCD Control Boards

Sunlight Readable LCD


Wide Temprature LCD


  • 32-inch LED TV
  • 42-inch LED TV

Open Frame Video Card

Optical Touch Screen

Stretched TFT Screen

Touch Screen TFT

  • 15" Touch Screen Monitor
  • 7″ Touch TFT Monitor​

Touch Screen Open Frame

Video Brochure Card

  • 2.4" – 7" Video Brochure Card

70” Transparent Show Box

Outdoor Digital Signage

  • 32" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
  • 46" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
  • 55" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
  • 70" 1080P High-Definition Outdoor Signage

ROD & Cable Digital Advertisng System

Anti-Shock and Vibration Design Display 

Great Sun Tech Corp               

Manufacturer and Supplier of Digital Signage ,Visual Displays and Monitors.

  • Interactive Digital Touch Tables
  • Outdoor Weather proof Kiosk
  • Transparent LCD Displays
  • High Brightness LCD Displays

Cloud Based Software and Hardware

We offer a wide range of digital signage hardware, powerful software solutions,and creative content management to help you achieve your digital signage marketing goals.

Presenting the Smart Sun Group iSeeBoard, Simple and Affordable Cloud Based Digital Signage Solution.

An ideal solution for Retail Stores, Hotel & Resort Chains, Food Courts, any Digital Menu Boards, Theaters, Parlours, Small to Medium Size Companies, Malls, Public places, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Institutions or Schools and Universities. 

Hardware and Software Cloud Based Solutions (SaaS)

  • All that is required is a display screen, a small media player & internet (Lan or Wifi).
  • Sun Group iSeeBoard Cloud based Software available for both Windows and Android platforms.
  • No Servers, No Expensive Software license cost, No technical people required, just your browser needed to change and manage the content from anywhere.
  • Sun Group iSeeBoard is Simple, Powerful, Economical & Easy to Use.
  • No upfront cost, inexpensive, pay just on monthly license basis*

Advantages of Cloud Based Digital Signage:

  • Very Economical and Easy to use no add ons or hidden cost involved.
  • Saves recurring expenses like Printing Papers, Banners, Posters, Static boards, Menu boards
  • Instantly change your content without waiting to print and put it up on boards or scrub the current menu board
  • Launch promotions or offers instantly on hourly , daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Use the latest technology to display HD content with options like HD Videos, Flash files, images, TV capture, security cameras, HTML, RSS feed etc all on one screens or on inbuilt or custom size layout templates.
  • No maintenance required, use Signage on contract basis.
  • Centrally control and manage any number of screens (1 to 1000), or create unlimited users to manage each screen.
  • No blank screen while changing the content or in case of internet failure. It downloads and stores the content on Local Media player (schedule content) so it will keep on playing the content from its memory.
  • Free online support and training, so a simple person with basic computer knowledge can also operate the software.