55″ Digital Signage

55inch Ultra-High Brightness for all weather digital signage displays


55inch ultra-high brightness indoor/outdoor digital signage Ultra High Brightness LED Backlight Powered Display.

Product Description

LED backlight source are used in the lcd display instead of traditional CCFL backlight. the brightness of the LCD screen is up to 1500nits~2500nits(about 4-5times brightness of conventional products),which is the most power-saving and brightest outdoor LCD display in the world at present.
Our product can adjust the brightness automatically according to ambient environment with auto-dimming system no matter it’s under strong direct sunshine or total dark indoor environment. It can display words and images in resolution 1920*1080 and also save power at the same time.
With its advantages of ultra-high brightness and wide operating temperature, no matter in humid environment with storm or environment of -10 situation, our product can work stable and show clear images for a long time even if the screen’s surface is under strong and direct sunshine.

Our LCD advertising player can reduce the led backlight brightness or turn if off automatically to protect lcd screen and other accessories from damage when the ambient environment exceeds 50centigrade with its overheating protection system, which can extend our system life. .



Product feature

  • Adopting our patented power-saving high brightness led backlight ,the brightness of the LCD screen image is up to 2500nits(it’s about 7-8times conventional products’ brightness)
  • Wider working temperature:-10centigrade to 45 centigrade
  • The LCD screen surface is without condensation in low temperature and humid environment.
  • Auto-dimming system, it can adjust the brightness automatically according to ambient light (to maximize energy efficiency)
  • High bright color gamut , resolution up to 1920*1080
  • Energy-efficiency fan cooling system
  • Outdoor all-weather waterproof and dustproof metal case +anti-reflection protective glass
  • Rack-mounted built-in LCD display module + anti-theft locks(easy for on-site dismantlement and maintenance),which is our unique patent.
  • When strong direct sunlight is on the screen surface, it shows images beautiful and clearly.
  • With outstanding features of waterproof, dustproof , overheating temperature ,it could be used in outdoor all-weather harsh environment (required to replace dustproof cotton every 6 ~ 12 month, it depend on your system condition)
  • 8GB high speed SD card included
  • Safe locking system to protect SD card and U-disk
  • Play advertising programs automatically in regular time
  • Built-in 2 waterproof stereo speakers, rated power:2 X 5 W
  • Multi-language OSD, such as English, Spanish, Russian, French(customized)

Features and specification

55inch ultra-high brightness for all weather digital signage displays

  1. 55inch High Brightness LCD with LED Back Light Module
  2. Intelligent LED backlight modular components
  3. Patented thermal structure and high quality fan cooling system
  4. Highlight dedicated industrial graphics driver
  5. External power supply cable:5m
  6. Auto-dimming system to adjust the brightness automatically(to extend the life and save energy)
  7. Combination of built-in power adapter, intelligent overheating protection system
  8. Outdoor waterproof metal casing+ 6mm protective glass
  9. The LCD screen surface is without condensation in low temperature and humid environment
  10. Waterproof independent outdoor, lock behind the casing(Led display, dust filter and computer controlled are separated)

Hardware and functions

  • ARM Cortex A8
  • 8GB high speed SD card
  • support network updating & control
  • stable embedded player

  • Brightness: greater than 1500 nits
  • Resolution: 1080 x 1920
  • Contrast:5000 :1
  • Operating temperature:-10degree to 45degree
  • Audio amplifier device 2 X 5 W
  • Can be clearly seen under strong and direct sunshine
  • Low-temperature environment.Posted in 55" Digital Signage (NEW)
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55″ Digital Signage (NEW)



Screen size

55inch LCD with LED Backlight Module

Dot pitch

0.630mm(H) x 0.630mm(V)

Display color


View angle



Signal input



2500 nits (Typical)


5000 1

Response time


Display area

1750mm(H) x880.5mm(V) x140mm(D)





Free voltage


Power consumption

350W for 1500nits (indoor), 600W for 2500nits (outdoor, waterproof)

Operating temperature

-10 to+45℃

Storage temperature

-20 to+60℃

Operating humidity


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