• Interactive Digital Touch Tables
  • Outdoor Weather proof Kiosk
  • Transparent LCD Displays
  • High Brightness LCD Displays


7"-65" FHD LCD Screen 1080P

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Easy Digital Signage

Digital Signage Tablet PC

Network Digital Signage

2.4" Digital Tag

2.4" Mini Kiosk

Digital Signage Standalone

  • 7" Digital Signage
  • 8" Digital Signage
  • 10.4" Digital Signage
  • 17" Digital Signage
  • 19" Digital Signage (MS Pro)
  • 12" Digital Signage Standalone
  • 17" Digital Signage (MS)
  • 17″ Digital Signage Standalone


  • 8″ LCD TV

Open Frame TFT

LCD Control Boards

Sunlight Readable LCD


Wide Temprature LCD


  • 32-inch LED TV
  • 42-inch LED TV

Open Frame Video Card

Optical Touch Screen

Stretched TFT Screen

Touch Screen TFT

  • 15" Touch Screen Monitor
  • 7″ Touch TFT Monitor​

Touch Screen Open Frame

Video Brochure Card

  • 2.4" – 7" Video Brochure Card

70” Transparent Show Box

Outdoor Digital Signage

  • 32" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
  • 46" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
  • 55" 1080P High-Definition outdoor signage
  • 70" 1080P High-Definition Outdoor Signage

ROD & Cable Digital Advertisng System

Anti-Shock and Vibration Design Display 

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  • Interactive Digital Touch Tables
  • Outdoor Weather proof Kiosk
  • Transparent LCD Displays
  • High Brightness LCD Displays

FAQ Digital Tag

Quick FAQs:

** What Video Formats can I use ?
Video files of  AVI, MPEG or WMV formats can generally be easily converted with the included converter PC software, this way would insure that you convert into the proper video formats.
** How to add Video files to Digital Tag?
First to convert your video files with the included converter PC software.
It works the same as copying the files from your PC onto external or removable storage or simply click-and-drag your files from your computer to the Digital Tag.
** Why my AVI video can’t play ?
The answer is incorrect AVI format. There are thousands various kinds of files with the AVI extension. First you need to convert your AVI video file with the included converter PC software.
** Does the Digital Tag have a speaker ?
Yes, the Digital Tag has built -in speakers.
** What Image formats can use?
JPEG with resolution 320 x 240
** How much does the Digital Tag weight ?
This Digital Tag weighs 69 grams.
** Do I need to use batteries for the Digital TAG ?
No. The digital TAG is equipped with a rechargeable battery, and comes with a charger.
** How long does a charge last ?
Approximately 12-15 hours.
** How to create a content ?
We offer a free Content Creation Portal which gives users a place to create a professional messages within minutes, pls visit www.mytag.tv

** Free content production portal including image production
** Updates Content Automatically!
** Just Plug into an internet connected PC

This features is only available from Sun Group
** Each Digital Tag unit can be programmed and operated independently using a very user-friendly web tool that enables you to design  and upload your message and update it as frequently as required.
Want to manage multiple devices remotely? Use our Digital Tag.
** DMS 4th generation Digital Signage SaaS Portal for non-networked Digital Signage Player  has been designed to manage via internet as  many Digital Tag units as you need. With DMS 4th generation you  can control the devices, update them individually or by groups. …or let us do it all for you.

Please Contact Us for Further Details: sales.

More FAQs

1. The volume doesn’t seem to work
Press the VOL key once and then press the arrow keys to put or down the volume. To keep the volume setting or any other setting you may do, just press the PLAY Button for 3 seconds, You will get the message “Save success and repower on again”.
2. The pictures, animations or videos on the Digital Tag do not play in the order I wanted
The files supports alphanumeric sorting; however, you have to name your files in a folder in your computer first, then move the files or complete folder to the Digital Tag’ drive. If you try to sort them on the badge drive, it won’t work.
3. Can I erase a file from the badge ?
Yes, press the VOL key for two seconds and release it, a screen will pop up given you the option to delete or not the file.

4. Can I erase a file from the badge ?
Yes, press the VOL key for two seconds and release it, a screen will pop up given you the option to delete or not the file.
5. Do I need to load the CD that comes with the unit ?
No, the CD is only need to convert animations or videos for the correct screen size (320×240) and to load the complete manual  (it doesn’t covert the type of file).
6. What types of files are supported ?
JPEG, AVI, MP3 and WMA files
7. Can you play audio files in the Digital Tag ?
Yes, it has an internal speaker and an external audio jack.
8. Do I need to convert every file ?
No, only animation or video files. Pictures files (jpeg) do not need to be converted.
9. Can I play slides from Power Point ?
Yes, you have to save each slide as a picture file (jpeg).
10. Can I play animation from Power Point in the badge ?
No, unless you convert them to an AVI format with a third party software.
11. How do I load the files into the Digital Tag ?
Grab the files and drag them onto the badge’ drive or copy and paste.
12. Can I charge the Digital Tag from my computer USB port ?
You can, but it will take longer. The first time you charge you Digital Tag, you will need to use the universal plug in charger.
13. The Digital Tag has a slot at the bottom, what is this for ?
The slot is for a micro SD card to extend the badge memory up to 8GB
14. What is an SD Micro card ?
It is a storage device; the same one used in most cell phones (ex. Blackberry phone)
15. The Digital Tag comes with 256MB in internal memory, is this enough ?
For most applications it is. You would only need more memory if you are planning to load movies. For example, if you are planning to use  the Digital Tag to entertain you kids in a long trip, then you need to get a SD Micro card.
16. The Digital Tag has an LCD or an OLED display ?
It has an LCD display.
17. Is an OLED a better option ?
In an outdoor usage, the OLED will be a better option.
18. Do you carry an OLED badge ?
We do, Please contact us for further details.
19. Can I adjust the brightness ?
You can. On the main window, go to Settings, click on Display and then click on Lum.
20. Can I adjust the time the pictures, animations or videos are display ?
Yes, you can choose from one to five seconds. On the main window, go to Settings and click on Auto Play Time Set.
21. How long the Digital Tag (Wearable Digital Signage) battery last ?
It depends on the content on the files being played (color, audio, volume, brightness), but it generally plays between 12 to 15 hours.
22. Why the Digital Tag battery life last longer than the competition ?
The Digital Tag has an excellent Japanese battery designed to last a 12-hour shift as minimum, so being near double the playing time of other similar badges.
23. How long is the warranty of the Digital Tag ?
One year.